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I live in Waterloo, Ontario, and work at a large technology company in the area. In my free time, I enjoy learning about computer science and creating interesting web applications.


You can email me at


I have a Masters of Computer Science, part time, at the University of Waterloo. I had originally planned to write a thesis. But I also have a job. The likelihood of the thesis is inversely proportional to present income. In the end, I took an extra course to fullfill the requirements.

Here's some papers I wrote for classes:

  • A Lightweight Window Wrapper - This article was published in the August, 2000 issue of C/C++ User's Journal. It describes how to write the simplest possible object-oriented wrapper for Windows. The magazine paid me $200. In retrospect, I should have been more verbose.

Other pages

Pages of others

  • Matthias Wandel If you go to this web site, you will quickly become "stuck" on it and lose all track of time.

Past Interests

Here's a list of stuff that I've worked on:

  • Natural Language Processing - I implemented a technique for automatically deriving the pronunciation of words, so I used it to create
  • Wavelets - Right now I'm obsessed with wavelets and their potential use in audio processing. See my web page on Wavelet sound Explorer


I used to dream of being a composer of film scores. I enjoy the music of John Williams, and Danny Elfman, and Cliff Eidelman's work on Star Trek VI. Unfortunately I don't have the patience to learn to play an instrument, I got up to Grade 4 piano before I stopped. Here's some music that I composed using Cakewalk music software.


I drew a comic strip for Imprint, the University of Waterloo student newspaper. After I got a job at Research in Motion, I continued it there for a while. All strips are archived here


Budgie-Zilla! Over a decade ago, I made a web page once called Budgie-Zilla. There are pictures of gigantic birds destroying landmarks. Apparently it's a part of budgie pop-culture now. The site is mentioned in a book about trademark law, and it has inspired a youtube video.


  • Corel Corporation, Winter and Fall 1999
    On the Text Engines team, I fixed bugs in the text formatter, and added several new features. You can drag text on a path away from the path because of me.
  •, Summer 2000, Winter 2001 (waybackmachine link) was making a phone portal, so you could call up a computer and it would tell you what movies were playing. I made the framework for a voice recognition server.
  • Soma Networks, Fall 2001
    Soma was making a box that would sit on your desk and give you your phone and internet connection wirelessly. I added the ability to play DTMF tones over the G729 voice codec, by pre-coding them using the reference G729 implmentation from standards. I also fixed a bug in the RTP protocol.
  • Microsoft, Summer 2002
    As part of the Windows Networking team, I made a Layered Service Provider that overrides the winsock functions to make an IPv6 connection look like IPv4. I don't think it was fully working when I left, and it was probably scrapped. But the chocolate milk was free, I got to do a lot of hiking!
  • Research in Motion, Sept. 2003 to 2010
    In my first full time position, I created large chunks of the EDGE and UMA protocol stack.

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