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Spoke.com scam
Posted on: 2008-09-24 08:53:48

I stumbled accross this page about myself on this rotten company Spoke.com, who, without my permission, gathered my name and employment history together into one place. I object to it, but there was no obvious way to get it removed. After a lot of searching, I found a contact page and filled it out, but I'm not at all confident that it will be acted on.

Spoke, if you want me to remove this entry about you, you can opt-out at any time using the contact form below. After I verify your identity I will put your request into a queue for removal.

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Matthias Wandel

2008-09-25 10:14:17
Funny that, they scraped something on me as well.

The info appears to not be terribly accurate though.

They probably scrape online resumes, and I don't have one online.


2009-01-22 14:52:39
they hijacked my identity lied about me and are charging me to access the false account they set up in my name that is ranking for my name. google must do something/


2009-01-22 14:53:53
why are you like an idiot linking to them just giving them more juice in the search engines????

Steve Hanov

2009-03-07 17:23:22
Now, when people search for "rotten company", they will have higher ranking for that term.


2009-03-27 11:47:06
Spoke.com are scammers they will sell your information to black market where they do credit card fraud. If you are listed in Spoke.com you are a very high risk of identify theft. I tired to get myself removed from there and they will not do it.


2009-04-22 14:58:30
Turns out spoke dot com is a front for USsearch dot com. That sounds illegal, brotha. They want you to install a toolbar too!

Use 10minutemail.com to sign up with a fake email address. It's super illegal.

Christopher Regan

2009-05-08 18:38:39
And, the entire enterprise of Spoke.com is a scam. Looking for a class-action suit to join.

ts vin

2009-06-09 10:34:15

try filing a complaint there

Steve Hanov

2009-06-09 15:42:21
You can only file a complaint with Truste if Spoke violated their own privacy policy. Since Spoke is compliant with its own policies, the complaint is a waste of time.

G. M. Tayla

2009-07-26 03:53:03


2009-08-05 20:35:51

I found the same thing about me on the site. I am trying to find out who they are. This behavior is very disturbing.

K. E. Swarts

2009-09-14 16:52:51
I stumbled across my name on this pseudo-social-networking site as well--listed as an employee of a company that ceased to exist over three years ago, and with which I was only briefly associated as an affiliate and independent contractor. The only electronic contact option they offer is a "Contact Sales" form which returned a "Delivery Failed" e-mail. I refuse to waste a phone call on them.


2009-09-26 23:13:01
They stole my ID too and posted it. We need to find way to sue it.


2009-10-14 12:54:00
I occassionly do searfhes on my and my immediate family' sname to see what is out there on the web.... maybe do them every 6 mos or so. Well, I did a search on my Dad's name and found him and he woodworking bussiness out there... My Dad died 2.5 years ago and he was RECENTLY listed on their site-they even target the dead. Now THAT is BS! To add to it,. my Mom and I closed the business down last year so it has not been in operation for over a year.. where do they get this information!?!?!?!

Brice Virel

2010-01-27 20:59:06
I have also had issues with spoke posting my personnel information. They have blatantly violated the Federal Privacy Act of 1974. I am currently speaking with lawyers to try to find a way to stop them. Please post any information you have about current efforts to start a class action against Spoke Software. I will also post updates of my efforts.


2010-02-16 15:37:33
I just reported them to the FBI for internet fraud and will be filing another report to the Attorney General. They have another person claiming to own my business. This is ridiculous.

tiffany s

2010-02-25 18:31:48
i want all my pics and info off of spoke i gave no one right to use my info

Dan H

2010-03-15 20:48:34
They somehow got hold of one of my passwords. That's got me worried.


2010-05-03 13:23:12
I am filing a complaint with the California Attorney General! I have emailed them numerous times to remove my faulty info, to no avail. I have been able to remove my info from INTELLIUS, a huge company and you can't even get ahold of these spoke.com scumbags on the phone. I hope they rot in hell.

Rheba Castillo, Foster Design

2010-05-24 12:16:35


2010-06-10 17:58:00
Actually, I want to thank you for this post. I was about to upgrade my information, when I thought to do a search. One of the items that came up in Google was your page on spoke.com scam.

I will not register with their site.

Thanks again.


2010-06-12 19:37:46
Did you have any success with that?

Pat Diamond

2010-07-22 13:29:59
Spoke had several \"employees\" listed for my company, and most of them had never worked here. D&B somehow got that info and put one of those employees in THEIR report as an executive officer. I have been trying to get D&B to delete that wrong info - it goes away, then comes back. ONE YEAR after I complained to Spoke, they replied and removed my company. Still can\'t get D&B to do a permanent fix though.

paula stephen cocke

2010-09-02 04:22:53
I also think Spoke is full of it. Nothing they say is true, and I just saw how they said a friend of mine was running a company he has never even heard of. We are filing a lawsuit in the near future.


2011-01-09 02:30:53


2011-01-22 09:09:16
Someone. Call me and told me that I was. On that rotten. Site. All of it is a lie. I would. Like to sue them

Philippe Cases

2011-02-24 01:57:34
My name is Philippe Cases and I am the CEO of Spoke Software since 2/2011. My email is philippe.cases@spokesoftware.com if you want to reach me or want to be removed from our site.

Steve, if you type Steve Hanov site:spoke.com on Google, you will see that your info is not on our site anymore. I don't need you to remove this post to the contrary as long as you leave my comment and contact info on the post so that people can reach me to get their problems resolved.

Most of the info related about us such as us asking to pay to remove information, stealing passwords, stealing identity and reselling to a black market is of course inaccurate. What you see is what you get and nothing more.

I am asking my support team to check if people on this page are still on the Spoke site and remove them if they are not.


2011-02-24 15:51:03
This company may not be a scam in the usual sense.

They have a privacy policy, no doubt. Some folks register and then forget completely. Then they wake up and get their panties in a bunch.

Also, spoke has lousy software, they are probably lazy and do not attend to issues at once. That's why you have a bunch of folks screaming mad at them.

Spoke is most likely living of borrowed money, they are not profitable and I get this strange feeling that there are not too many employees either. But those who are there do have bombastic titles and 'look' important. You could get fooled easily.

I could be wrong, no doubt.

Philippe Cases

2011-02-25 14:36:02
Robert, not sure what you mean by getting their panties in the bunch but would love to hear more. We are not living on borrowed money and we are a small team of 7 people mostly engineers.

I agree that when I joined, the company had a lot of issues and we are fixing them as we are talking. There are things that we can fix quickly and others that needs software release in order to work and therefore takes more time given the size of the team.

Since last year, we have fixed the easy things which are process based. We are now A+ at BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the number of complaints at Trustee such as what is above doesn't exceed more than one per week at best for more than 3 million unique visitors on a monthly basis.

We are now in the process of releasing a major upgrade to the site which should solve most of the remaining perceived issues.

As an FYI, my support team has taken care of all the people we could identify on this page and remove them from Spoke.com

Philippe Cases, Spoke Software CEO, philippe.cases@spokesoftware.com


2011-05-25 18:17:15
I don't know what Cases is saying but there is nothing is happening with this crappy outfit.

He bragged on the Spoke Blog about all sorts of great things to come down the pipeline after May 9.

So far nothing, its the same old everything.

What a lazy dog corporation!

Philippe Cases

2011-07-21 12:22:00
I am not following this web site so didn't see what Robert wrote. Yes, we are late but we will release something soon.

Philippe Cases

2011-09-06 03:14:06
Site is now live on hub.spoke.com


2011-09-18 12:48:35
As always the 'real' version will be released 'next' week ( Wink! Wink!)

Its always 'next' week with Spoke. That's the beauty of it, folks, because logically speaking, 'next' week never arrives. That is the meaning the unqualified phrase 'next week'. If you do NOT specify exact dates, then 'next week' is any week in the next 10,000 years.

Brilliant isn't it !?!

Spoke is going to be around for a long time, as long as, 'next week' never arrives.


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